Indoor Ring Main Units with built in Arc Killer

Secondary Switchgear Compact and/or extensible SF6 insulated Ring Main Unit with load break switches, fuse switches or integrated vacuum circuit breakers.

Additionally, the RMU can be fitted with a system for pressure release which shields the user from the consequences of an internal arc, called Arc-Killer.

Arc Killer
Option for built in Arc Killer

Protect your cubicles, your infrastructure, and especially your staff against the negative consequences of an internal arc. The built in arc killer extinguishes an arc in less than 50 ms. The arc killer is a system for detecting and extinguishing an internal arc and is KEMA type tested.

Arc-killer SV-50, is a system for detecting and extinguishing an internal arc. The arc-killer extinguishes the arc by directing it to a metal earthed short circuit and the arc is extinguished in less than 50 ms.

Voltage Current Rated Short Time Withstand Current Location
12kV - 24kV 200A - 1250A 25kA Indoor/ Outdoor

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