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JunctionPower signs an exclusive agreement with CO7 Technologies

JunctionPower have been appointed CO7 Technologies exclusive agent, for the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland. Expanding their global network, CO7 Technologies, a leader in outdoor MV substation breakers is pleased to announce the appointment of JunctionPower as an its exclusive representative for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. CO7 Technologies specialises in the design and manufacturing of switching, protection and control solutions used in the distribution of energy for millions of homes and businesses.

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JunctionPower signs an exclusive agreement with SGC Switchgear Company

JunctionPower have been appointed SGC Switchgear Company exclusive agent, for the United Kingdom & the Republic of Ireland. ![SGC](/img/news/SGCCorporate419x250.png#floatrightright) ![SGC](/img/news/Builttolast201x250.png#floatrightright) SGC - SwitchGear Company provides an extensive range of Medium Voltage products for electrical distribution applications. SGC are a fast-growing Belgian company that invests in Research & Development to serve customers even better. User- friendliness, safety and care for the environment are the main driver for developing SGC’s switchgear. They are driven by operator safety and their mission is to safeguard the personal safety of the operators of their products.

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Junction Power

JunctionPower provides a range of electrical solutions and services to the utilities, renewables, industrial and commercial markets, across the UK and Ireland. “Here at JunctionPower we strive to bring the highest quality products and solutions to our customers, across the UK and Ireland,” says Frank McCarthy, Managing Director of JunctionPower. “We continue to grow our relationships with global partners, who supply to major utilities and customers around the world, to bring the best to our markets here.

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