SGC’s Intelligent Switchgear Management

SGC RX4.0 Remote Switching & Monitoring Device

Boost the efficiency of your switchgear with SGC’s smart remote device.

SGC’s RX4.0 offers the possibility to manage your medium voltage installation or network through an application accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Operating data can be visualized and monitored by using the web portal.
  • Notifications (alarm or warning) can be automatically transferred to the installation manager, who can take further action.
  • Continuous monitoring of your switchgear is possible through SGC’ integrated sensors, which extends the performance and lifespan of your switchgear.

Online tool with real-time information of the medium voltage switchgear.



• Position indication.

• Measuring: - temperature, humidity, ozone.

• Load monitoring using current and voltage transformers.

• Notifications (alarm or warning).


• Remote control of motorised switchgear.

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