Secondary Distribution

Secondary Switchgear

Secondary Switchgear is a modular concept based on the “building blocks” principle, which means that cubicles are produced in series. As a result, the modular concept meets the highest technical standards in a rational, economically sound way. The combination of cubicles is unlimited. Very complex diagrams of distribution and transformer switchgear can be compiled through this extensive spectrum of possibilities.

Voltage Current Rated Short Time Withstand Current Location
12kV - 33kV 200A - 1250A 25kA Indoor/ Outdoor

The cubicle dimensions are very compact, as switching occurs in SF6. The compact cubicles are particularly beneficial if the available space is restrictive or if budget is an important role. Cubicles also contain all functional interlocks which allows for effortless application, according to all current standards, and allows installation in consumer work spaces.

Additionally, the cubicles can be fitted with a system providing pressure release, which shields the user from the consequences of an internal arc.

Arc Killer

Option for built in Arc Killer

Protect your cubicles, your infrastructure, and especially your staff against the negative consequences of an internal arc. The built in arc killer extinguishes an arc in less than 50 ms. The arc killer is a system for detecting and extinguishing an internal arc and is KEMA type tested.

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