Power transformers

Power, Substation, Generation, Rectifier, Furnace, Traction, Auto and Reactor Transformers Power Transformers

  • Power Transformers can provide single-phase or three-phase units

  • Inhibited or uninhibited mineral oil available

  • Power transformers can be provided with the following cooling systems: ONAN, ONAF KNAN, KNAF

  • Power transformers are available open to the atmosphere with conservator or with gas cushion

  • Power transformers are provided with off-load tap changers or on-load tap changers

  • Power transformers are available with cable box or protection box

  • Power transformers are manufactured with bushings with ceramic insulators, with resin type plug-in bushings

We can also supply distribution transformers according to customers requirements, contract requirements or technical standards such as TS 267 EN 60076-1, IEC 60076-1, BS 171, DIN, ANSI, ENEL, ENDOSA, CSA.

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